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   Arbella is an American artist and a 2015 graduate of Northern Kentucky University. Born into a family of artists, she grew up dedicated to creativity with a passion for the arts. An enthusiastic traveller, her experiences worldwide are what shape both her artistic content and view of life; with an emphasis on her time studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, as well as in Los Angeles, California. 

  "I am most fascinated by the unique charms of people, which is why I focus on cropped portraits and captivating eyes. The vibrant colours of my newest artwork is from this idea I had to heat-map the emotions of people. To be human is to have infinite depth... hot anger, warm compassion, cool sadness. I want to capture this full spectrum of feelings that each of us experience by colouring portraits in this way. 

   You will also often  see abstract art in my studio, something that I love to create. For me, abstract art is way of exteriorising and understanding the complex emotions that are inherently tied to our humanity."

   The  consistent paradox of chaos and beauty in life is inspiration for much of Arbella's work, and this is why you will often find contrasting elements of abstraction and hyper-realism, an effort to harmonise the polarities of existence.. Her work is often mixed technique, using acrylics or oil paint on canvas with metal shards, gold leaf, and feathers. 

   She is currently based in France since 2016, and emerged professionally into the art field in 2018. In 2020, Galerie SONIA MONTI in Paris, France held an exhibit featuring Arbella’s paintings, and Espace Paul Ricard in Lyon created a solo show for her work. The New York Art Center of NYC scheduled her appearance in their monthly art walk this summer, the date is to be announced due to postponing for the Coronavirus. 

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